Friday, October 14, 2005


Fall Trip

It's been many days. I've been traveling through the Northeast--Vermont and New Hampshire--before we head south for my nephew's wedding in Central Park. We've been skirting the flooding from the recent storms from leftover hurricanes. There has been some display of fall color, but there hasn't been the killing frost to snap the colors to full life. The leaves may just turn brown without the cold jolt that stops the chlorophyll process.

We spent a night in Brattleboro and the next morning spent a while walking around looking for breakfast and a good coffee place. After an excellent breakfast we walked into Mocha Joe's for our caffeine. I'm really more of a tea person though. Some other time I'll talk about tea. When we walked in I thought I had entered a time warp and had reentered the sixties in Berkeley. I'm not a person who looks back on the sixties with disgust and regret. I learned a lot from the time and I can say that at least we believed in something and also believed that things could change. We were just too naive and ungrounded to assume our true power. Many of us just joined in with the mindless dance, the zombie dance, of the flow of life in this country. Others just lost their minds. We ordered chais, fearful that we might get the supersweet concentrate from a box. Instead we got a custom brewed tea, full of flavor and with no extra sugar. We had to wait 15 minutes for the drinks to be brewed, but the wait was worth every minute. We sipped our tea slowly in respect for a time of when more things were held to be possible.

It's hard to believe that the President and I grew up during the same era. I learned the openness of great possiblity and he fell into the tunnel vision of fundamentalism. What cataclysm could have so collapsed his being? What event or events conspired to so make him such a devout foe of life and the natural order of things? We are all held hostage to these calamities. I wish he and I could sit down to good tea together and consider life.

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