Saturday, September 17, 2005


The Necessity of You in this Task

Last night I lay in bed unable to sleep. The overwhelming task of marketing my book played through my mind. Sometimes at moments like this things suddenly gain a little clarity and make sense. I only hope at the time that I'll remember come morning.

I'm a writer who enjoys the performance, the moment of standing before an audience with my particular performing chops--the particular phrasing or the unintended catch in the voice as I read something that still touches me. There are also the moments when communication happens and things between us become more clear. So, I need an audience, not only for these moments of performance and clarity, but simply so I can make a living and have the ability to keep on creating these moments on the page or on the stage.

The fact is that I need you. I've always been a bit of a populist (politically and spiritually), preferring to see things evolve from the ground up, rather than dispensed from above. In my life I've experienced tragedy, but I've also experienced moments where things have mysteriously come together. How does one explain such moments? You can't forcibly try to create them. Someone recently asked me how you get readers to find your blog. I replied that it was like ants showing up for a picnic, it just happens. I hope somehow we can mysteriously come together here and that you can find a reason to return and tell others. I have to trust in this mystery, because I don't want to be a human infomercial for my product. This is a piece of what I remembered with the morning.

I welcome your comment, not only to know you're there, but also because you never know what fruit the communication will bear.

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