Friday, September 09, 2005


One Thing Through and Through

I've read that Zen master Suzuki Roshi once said, "If you understand one thing through and through, then you understand everything." I've developed several disciplines to enable me to understand my own life through and through, things I love like fine woodworking or the martial art of Aikido. Ultimately though, this task of writing forces me to the deepest understanding. I sit and face this LCD screen like sitting in meditation facing a wall. I know that on the other side of this screen are potentially millions of faces. What shall I say? What responsibility do I bear with the words that I release into the void toward the sea of beings on the other side of this screen?

For the most part people live mired within the holes of their being. A lot of our creative effort is spent trying to get others to join us within these holes and validate the way we lead our lives. Much of writing or art does this. Come join me in my hole, my personal bomb crater. So what is an authentic thought, a real untrammeled thought? Is it the first thing that pops into my mind or something that has been mulled over and over? Does raw impulse guarantee authenticity? The more I delve into my various beloved disciplines the more I know how to sort this out, the more I begin to feel or sense the authenticity of things. Things come, things go. At least I can tell the difference.

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